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5 things to do after installing Windows 10

5 things to do after installing Windows 10

In this series, we shall recommend 5 things to do after installing Windows 10. However, I don’t exclude other windows versions. These steps are important for almost all windows versions.

We recommend performing all the steps for the best experience and to avoid regrets for either windows upgrade or fresh installation.

  1. Change desktop resolution

After installing windows 10, it has a default screen resolution by default. The screen resolution appearance depends on the computer screen. Fortunately, it may look normal on some computer screens. But unfortunately, it may look weird on other computer screens.

Therefore this step is recommended for the weird screen resolution.

It is a bit frustrating the first time you see your desktop having large icons and weird text font. The good news is that you can change your screen resolution in just a second. Change your desktop resolution.

  1. Display quick start desktop icons

By default, after a windows installation, the desktop displays no icons or maybe one(the recycle bin). This can make your work a heck in looking for files.

To add desktop icons, follow the following steps depending on the installed version of windows;

After installing Windows 7 and 8;

Go to your desktop and right click > Personalization >Desktop icons. Check the desktop icons you would prefer to be displayed on the desktop and apply the changes.

Add desktop icons

Display desktop icons after installing windows 10

  1. Install Essential software

Softwares are the programs that will help you perform specific tasks, an example can be a media player.

After installing windows, by default, it has pre-installed programs however not all tasks are catered for by the pre-installed programs.

Some pre-installed may seem frustrating at times to some people, for instance when the windows media player fails to open some media file formats.

Of course, not all pre-installed windows programs are like that but some are like that. It’s you need to install additional software for efficiency.

The essential programs are list below. Recommended websites for download are; and

Antivirus software

Most of the common reasons for failures or problems in computers is lack of antivirus software thus it shouldn’t be overlooked.

After installing windows, the computer is very vulnerable to attacks for example viruses, Trojans from a million of sources, especially from the internet. Windows defender requires additional antivirus software for best results.

These attacks may lead to loss of important information, loss of data integrity and at times loss of money.

We recommend that you download at least two antivirus software. Downloads can be made from the links provided above. Recommendations can be; 360 security, Kaspersky, Avast and many others.

Driver software

This is is one of the most important things to do after installing windows 10.

A device driver is a software that interfaces with and controls how a particular device works when attached to a system.

In other words, drivers allow windows to communicate to hardware without knowing how the hardware works.

Additionally, Drivers enhance the computer capabilities in various ways like improving the computer graphics (This is essential for gamers), improving the sound input and output, improving the network capabilities and many others. This makes them so essential in a system.

Before installing drivers, We recommend you to create a system restore. This helps in restoring the computer to an earlier state in case something goes wrong.

We recommend downloading and updating the drivers by downloading either an offline or online installer of DPS (Driver Pack Solution) from their official website.

However, make sure you are connected to either Wi-Fi or Ethernet if you’re to use an online installer. An offline installer needs strong internet as well for the download. After downloading the installer, run it and be patient until the installation is complete. Changes will take effect after a reboot.

Productivity software

Productivity software is used in the production and modification of information like documents. In other words, creating documents and editing documents. The most popular is the Microsoft Office Suite.

For school and business, don’t debate on this one, you obviously need it for day to day operations

For home users, you might be wondering why you need the productivity software. My advice to you is to just get it. You will obviously need at some time, trust me.

Web browser software

Windows comes with a pre-installed web browser called Internet Explorer however you might find it inefficient(most people do). Therefore you will a Third-party web browser before that time comes. Examples of web browsers which might work for you include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini.

Media Player software

Finally, with the software, you will have to download an extra media player for example VLC. This will be most important when you need to open file formats that are not supported by the windows media player.

  1. Disable unnecessary startup items

This is another important thing to do after installing Windows 10.

This should be done because most of the times windows start some unnecessary programs that tend to take resources which should be preserved for preferred programs and it also slows down the booting process.

How to disable startup items in Windows 7;

Click on the start button; search for “msconfig” and open the program.

You should be warned that msconfig can make a lot of changes to your system thus don’t tamper with settings you have no knowledge about otherwise you will make changes that will affect the functioning of your computer.

After opening the program, from the startup tab deselect the programs that are unnecessary for you on startup, however, programs like the antivirus are essential on startup, therefore, don’t deselect such programs but rather select them if they’re not selected.

disable startup programs windows 7

How to disable startup programs in Windows 8 and 10.

  1. Optimize appearance

Finally, you will have to make the appearance of your computer cool. This will include downloading some nice themes. You can try out themes from

After getting yourself a cool theme, click on the start button and search for “adjust the appearance and performance of windows”, under the visual effects tab check “Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer“.

adjust permission and appearance of windows

Let windows choose whats best for your computer

Additionally, you can change the size of the taskbar icons. To do this go to your taskbar and right click> properties, under the taskbar tab select use small icons and apply the changes.

use small icons for the task bar

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