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Add desktop icons windows 10

You’ve been using windows 7 or 8 for quite some time, you’ve decided to upgrade to Windows 10 for some reason.

You’ve tried looking for the common desktop icons (Computer icon, Recycle Bin etc.) but you can’t find them, you’ve probably tried all basics you used in Windows 7 and 8 all in vain.

Well don’t get frustrated, windows 10 was released with a bit of change in settings compared to previous versions and we shall always be here to help you adapt with the change.

Follow the following steps to add  desktop icons windows 10

Click on the start button, search for “settings“. From the left menu of the settings windows, Select Themes then from the right select Desktop icons.

add desktop icons windows 10

You can go ahead and check icons you would prefer to be displayed on the desktop and apply.

add desktop windows 10

Additionally, you can change the display icon for any of these applications. All you have to do is select the application whose icon you want to change and then click Change Icon.

You can choose an existing system icon or add your custom icon from the windows explorer.

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