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How to disable startup programs windows 10

Windows 10 being the latest release of Microsoft, It came with many new features and applications and some of these programs are by default loaded as the computer is booting. This is, on one hand, an advantage and then a disadvantage on the other hand. The good side of it is that ;

-Loading these particular programs will take open them will take a shorter time.

-Windows takes note of programs are essential for the system security that you don’t always have to remember to start them after the boot process. These programs include antivirus software, backup services, and others.

The bad side of windows booting with programs is that it slows down the booting process as all the startup programs should first get ready for use. Yet some of these programs may not be necessary for you.

You can disable the unnecessary startup programs by following these steps;

Step 1- Open the task manager

Do this by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl+SHIFT+Delete keys which will display the task manager instantly.
how to disable startup programs windows 10
Another way to open the task manager is to move the pointer to the windows logo, in most cases the bottom left corner of the screen and the right click. From the options menu, click on task manager and this will open it.
task manager windows 10

Step 2- Disable unnecessary startup programs

From the task manager, click on more details, this will display an extended window. Navigate to the start-up tab and you will be able to view all the start-up programs.

To disable a program, select the program and right click then select disable. Note that some of the programs are disabled by default, You can use the status tab to see whether the program is enabled or disabled.

disable startup programs windows 10

Note: Do not disable essential programs like the antivirus and backup services.

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